Anti-Piracy Malware Enthusiasts Sony BMG Sued For Piracy

anthonyjmiccio | April 1, 2008 11:30 am

The same company that tried to force rootkits on the computers of folks who actually went to the trouble of buying their CDs has been sued for stealing software. An IT guy at Sony contacted the French company PointDev for tech assistance, only to give a pirated license code for their Ideal Migration program. After a raid on the company’s IT infrastructure, some now believe that almost half of the software on Sony BMG’s computers might be pirated.

PointDev’s CEO, Agustoni Paul-Henry, underlines what a douche move Sony BMG has been pulling.

“We are forced to watch every week if key software pirates are not [sic] on the Internet. We are a small company of six employees. Instead of trying to protect us, we could spend this time to develop ourselves.

I think piracy is linked to the policy of a company. If the employee has the necessary funding to buy the software he needs, he will. If this is not the case, he will find alternative ways, as the work must be done in one way or another.”

PointDev is suing for under half a million in damages, about what the RIAA would hit you for if you shared three songs via the peer-to-peer program of your choice.

Sony BMG’s hypocrisy: company busted for using warez [Ars Technica]