<em>Juno</em> May Get A Moldy Peach On “Sesame Street”

anthonyjmiccio | April 2, 2008 11:15 am

You wanted more news from the Junoverse? You got it! Kimya Dawson, last seen nervous about how the sudden success of a certain soundtrack would affect her ability to drive around the nation in a van, spreading twee from all-ages venue to all-ages venue, has found a new niche. She’s releasing an album for kids named Alphabutt, and may soon be working for the Children’s Television Workshop: ” I might do some music work with [Sesame Street],” says Dawson. “I’m a kid of the ’70s, and I definitely grew up with Sesame Street — the old Sesame Street. I’m just a huge, huge fan.”

Re. Alphabutt:

Song titles include “The Alphabutt Song,” “Seven Hungry Tigers,” “Little Monster Babies,” “Wiggle My Tooth” and “Pee Pee in the Potty,” and collaborators include former Third Eye Blind guitarist Kevin Cadogan and a number of Dawson’s other musical friends and their children. “They’re not those little fake, smiley faced, typical kid backup singers,” Dawson says of her youthful cohorts. “They’re screaming and saying whatever they want. It’s how kids want to do music, not like when they’re in school taking lessons and all sitting in rows on bleachers.” As for the “Alphabutt” songs, Dawson notes, “they’re not necessarily anything like a lot of other kids music that’s out there. I think the songs are really free, which is a little different from a lot of other kids music I’ve heard. And I think kids will connect with it, musically, ’cause it’s actually kids playing. It’s really free and kind of wild.”

Hey, beats The Wiggles.

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