New Kids On The Block Suffer Fools Gladly (But They Still Love Their Fans)

noah | April 4, 2008 12:00 pm

The problem with reunion tours: Before you hit the road, you have to deal with the kinda-dim interviewers who weren’t prepped on your current activities, a lack of planning that only serves to accentuate how socially awkward they are when they have to go off-script. Exhibit A being New Kids On The Block’s appearance on Today, during which the dippy interviewer asked them what they’d been up to, then demanded that they dance in the rain for her, in such a way that it was abundantly clear that she was on the Guns N’ Roses side of the great late-’80s middle school debate back in the day. (My favorite part of the clip, of course, is when two of my current interests–Jon Knight and the popping housing bubble–come together when he talks about how his fame isn’t really helping move inventory in his real-estate business.) [Video HT to Jezebel]