Looking Back On A Week When We Decided To Get The Old Gang Back Together

noah | April 4, 2008 6:00 am

• Lots of bands decided to give it another go, including New Kids On The Block. The other reunions announced this week weren’t as star-studded, but hey, not everyone can be as famous as Danny Wood. • Meanwhile, Velvet Revolver lost its lead singer, and the remaining Revolvers’ former bandmate Axl Rose visited the executive suite with some new material. • Madonna hooked up with Justin Timberlake and tried to save the world, or at least her video-exclusivity contract with MTV. • Perez Hilton got bitchy because Sony BMG isn’t kissing his white-speckled ass. • Live Nation threw 150 million D’s at Jay-Z. • Lil Wayne: Is he really that good? • Green Day is hiding in plain sight on a radio near you. • Kanye West: The new Jack Johnson, at least as far as “inescapability from summer festival lineups” goes. • R.E.M. made everyone get nostalgic enough to actually pay money for a new album again. • And on a sad (well, sorta-sad) note, Ramiele hitched up her high-waisted shorts and exited American Idol‘s contestant pool.

[Photo: AP]