Usher Haunted By Hotties

anthonyjmiccio | April 7, 2008 1:00 am

I’m not totally sure why Usher bothered making an expensive video for “Love In This Club” when the song it promotes is already a No. 1 hit, but who am I to question the choices of a performer that makes Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, and the like look gawky and amateurish? In the clip, Usher is trapped in an empty nightclub that suddenly fills with sexy apparitions, porn stars, and celebrity rappers like Rick Ross, Diddy, and Kanye West. Usher repeatedly tries to canoodle with Keri “The Way I Are” Hilson (“who are you?” “Your every desire…“), only to have her evaporate before he can mount her.

Usher doesn’t bother dancing until five minutes into the clip, and the moves are more Rhythm Nation 1814 meets Soulja Boy than the 21st century MJ he’s occasionally capable of. But you can’t show off all your new tricks at once, can you? His new album, Here I Stand, is currently scheduled to be released on June 8. Usher & Young Jeezy – Love In This Club OFFICIAL [YouTube]