Did Axl Rose <em>Really</em> Deliver “Chinese Democracy” To Geffen Execs?

noah | April 10, 2008 2:30 am

Every music site out there is a-twitter over a sentence that appeared in a TheRockRadio.com item about the possibility of Axl Rose entering the reality-TV game: “Sources at Rose’s label, Geffen Records, said that a finished version of Chinese Democracy has been delivered to the company.” What? A finished version of the years-in-the-making album? As in ready to ship and promote and make very expensive videos for? This is the stuff that slapped-together blog posts and excited NME items are made of!

One wonders why would this news be delivered to the world via a Web site run by a couple of guys in Cyprus–sure, they have a weekly GNR-themed hour, but something tells me that won’t suddenly result in Axl trusting them with his secrets.

And then one notices that TheRockRadio’s speculation was directly lifted from an item about Axl’s reality show from AllYourTV.com. You know, AllYourTV.com! Why a Web site that “focus[es] on just one subject–primetime and daytime television” is suddenly an authority on Axl Rose’s messenger habits is beyond me; the fact that they ran with the NME‘s “Amy Winehouse on Dr. Who” April Fool’s item on April 3 makes me even less inclined to go popping open those Dr. Pepper cans just yet.

Rumors: Axl Rose For Reality TV [The Rock Radio] [Photo: WENN]