Riskay Finally Makes Video, Fails To Smell Yo Dick

anthonyjmiccio | April 23, 2008 4:15 am

Months after her viral moment, Riskay has finally made a video for “Smell Yo Dick,” the song about how she thinks you’re cheating and that she needs to smell yo dick. The low-budget clip features plenty of charming moments, like the sequence in which Riskay, wearing nothing but lingerie and white-frilled panties, pours bleach all over her boyfriend’s clothes while he stomps around angrily outside. Problem is, she never smells his dick! You can’t have the phrase “can I smell yo dick?” repeat a dozen times in a song and not even imply the smelling of said dick. We don’t have to see genitalia, but someone should definitely be seen going in for a whiff.

And why does she care about this lardass in the first place?

Riskay Feat. Aviance & Real – Smell Yo Dick [YouTube]