Usher Remixes His Spring Jam Into One For The Summer

noah | April 24, 2008 11:00 am

ARTIST: Usher featuring Beyonce and Lil Wayne TITLE: “Love In This Club (Part 2)” WEB DEBUT: April 23, 2008

ONE-LISTEN VERDICT: Just in time for it to fall from the top spot on the Hot 100, Usher has put out this remix of his comeback single that features much better collaborators than Young Jeezy–Beyonce and Lil Wayne, to be exact. “Part 2” of “Love In This Club” is slowed-down and a bit more restrained than the Godzilla-storming-the-dancefloor original, and while I don’t want to make everyone all giddy by mentioning “Ignition (Remix),” because peccadilloes of its performer aside it is pretty much the shining example of the “theoretical slowed-down remix genre,” I will say that “Part 2” musically reminded me of R. Kelly’s Murder She Wrote-hailing banger, even with the raspiness in Lil Wayne’s voice reaching Waits-like levels. And for that reason alone, I’m pretty sure that this song is going to blare from every car in the land well into, say, mid-July.