Scott Weiland and Steve Albini, Together At Last

anthonyjmiccio | April 24, 2008 5:05 am

Yes, I know Steve Albini worked with Bush, but Bush was trying very, very hard to be cool at the time. All that “oh, I love Jesus Lizard” stuff Gavin said, I believe it was genuine. And yes, Albini worked with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, but come on, that was Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. Scott Weiland, though? A Scott Weiland that in Velvet Revolver at the time this must have been planned? A Scott Weiland that was being too obnoxious for Slash to stomach? A Scott Weiland bringing along the drummer from No Doubt? I’m not saying “dude, Albini sold out.” I’m saying, “man, I hope they paid his mortgage and studio equipment bills forty times over in exchange for putting a mic in front of that choad.”

According to The Pulse of Radio, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS and former VELVET REVOLVER frontman Scott Weiland told satellite shock jock Howard Stern on Wednesday morning (April 23) that he is currently working on his second solo album with producer Steve Albini for a November release. Weiland was joined on the call by NO DOUBT drummer Adrian Young, who is also playing on the record. A release date and title have yet to be revealed. Weiland’s first solo effort, “12 Bar Blues”, was issued in 1998.

Has it really been a decade? It seems like it was just yesterday that I wasn’t hearing “Barbarella” on the radio. Weiland announced last year that “the dream” was to record three songs at Albini’s studio, but there was no promise that Albini was going to be there. Oh, to be a greedy fly on the wall.

Throw a little of Albini’s patented The Weirdness grime on there, and bam. Rock is back.

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