You Know Who Really Sucks? The Doors

Dan Gibson | April 29, 2008 4:30 am

Recent postings on Idolator have upset the Pink Floyd and Madonna fans out there, sparking complaints about the site’s overall negative attitude and tendencies toward “hating everything.” I can’t speak for Maura, Anthony, or any of the other bylines on this site, but I can assure you I don’t hate everything. I really, really do hate the Doors, though.

Oh, is there a popular act of the rock era worse than the Doors? I’d entertain nominations for the Eagles, but as much as I hate those country-rock cocaine Californians, the Doors have committed crimes of assault upon my ears that cannot be forgiven. Listen to this garbage:

AAAARRRGRGHGGH. I can’t think of anything I’d rather excise permanently from the universe’s playlist, yet it comes back again and again, swaggering with a unique combination of pretension and stupidity that should have disappeared long ago.

I’m sorry in advance for doing this, but here’s Exhibit B for the prosecution:

I don’t want to blame Arthur Lee, but his recommendation got these clowns signed to Elektra, and they still sell a million albums a year somehow. I thank the Doors for one thing only: providing the musical base for Jay-Z’s “The Takeover.” But that’s a case of Kanye West turning coal (to be kind) into a diamond. The Doors were a hacky slam-poetry band that somehow found its way into the spotlight during a time period where A&R guys were taking prodigious amounts of drugs, which clearly compromised their faculties.

Pink Floyd? I’d listen to them any day before even looking at a Doors press photo. Madonna? “Holiday” is my jam.

The Doors are the worst band of all time. Period. And, yes, I’ve heard CCR.

The Doors [Official site, which I’m linking for some unknown reason]