A Psychic’s 732-Page Proof That She Can Mediate Conversations With Jim Morrison And Michael Hutchence

noah | May 2, 2008 11:30 am

Medium Jacqueline Murray claims that she’s the “channel” for the beyond-the-grave musings of the Doors’ Jim Morrison and INXS’ Michael Hutchence–clearly, her aura is attractive to lead singers with nice cheekbones–and she’s discovered so many interesting things about them that she’s decided to put them all down on paper. And someone decided that all 732 pages of those findings were worth publishing, which is why the two-volume set A Tale Of Two Brothers: Jim Morrison And Michael Hutchence is available for you to purchase now. The books claim to not only reveal how each frontman really died and the coverups involved, they promise shit-talking about the remaining members of INXS, postmortem gossip from Morrison paramour Pamela Courson and Hutchence babymama Paula Yates, and lots of cameos from other psychics who have Web sites. Break on through the jump to see the full press release!

Rock legends Jim Morrison of “The Doors” and Michael Hutchence of “INXS” have given a psychic medium riveting accounts of their controversial deaths and the many myths that surrounded their lives as only they can tell them.

Internationally known psychic Kathleen Tucci (Http://www.kathleentucci.com) recounts Jim Morrison’s final hours on earth and reveal the whereabouts of Pamela Courson while Jim lay dying.

Famous radio psychic Francine Milano (//www.FrancineMilano.com) channels Pamela Courson who reveals her side of the story to Jim’s death and what her life with Jim Morrison was really like.

Famous L.A. psychics Linda Salvin and Judy Hevenly have verified the channeling in this book: (//www.LindaSalvin.com and //www.Judyhevenly.com)

International Psychic-medium Marjorie Augustine reveals the dark side of Jim Morrison.(//www.moonstonemediums.com) In his channeling to Marjorie, Jim bares his soul to reveal some of his behaviors that are both shocking and regretful.

The elaborate cover-up of his death is explored in depth as well as the true identity of his “cosmic mate.”

Jim Morrison discusses his conviction in Miami, the police brutality he experienced behind closed doors in New Haven and Las Vegas and why he actually fled the United States for Paris in 1971.

Michael Hutchence reveals the facts surrounding what really happened in Room 524 at the Ritz Carlton, in Double Bay, Australia on November 22nd, 1997.

Michael details how he really died and why there was no note left behind.

Internationally known psychic Christopher Reburn (//www.thepsychicspirit.com) is the chosen channel for Paula Yates, Michael’s last love and Mother of his child. Paula sends messages to her loved ones and reveals her true feelings for Michael Hutchence and her former husband, Sir Bob Geldof.

Michael gives his jaw dropping thoughts on his so-called brothers in “INXS” and the autobiography they wrote after his death.

Jacquie also has a recently channeled poem by the Lizard King up on her site, and those of you who were saying that the Doors were all about the tongue-in-cheek humor during that huge blow-up the other day might want to judge just how real this particular verse is based on that criterion.

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