MTV Bringing Music Back To Prime Time?

noah | May 2, 2008 4:30 am

So Hits is murmuring that MTV is getting back into the music game and launching a new “primetime music variety show” this summer, one that will incorporate video premieres, live performances, and artist appearances. Sounds like TRL, doesn’t it? Except it’ll air at night and apparently be shot in Los Angeles, the latter of which is sort of worrisome to me because nearly every single piece of programming that has originated from the network’s West Coast arm has been notable more for its brain-deadedness than anything else.

Think about it: the New York arm of MTV has had its duds, sure, but even now it has shows like Made and True Life, while MTV shows that are set in Los Angeles have included shows like Singled Out and The Hills and My Own and Let’s All Slut It Up For Someone Who Isn’t Even That Famous. (The first Los Angeles season of The Real World is a notable exception here, but the “drunken yelling” Hollywood season of the show that’s currently going on only shows that said season was an exception to this rule.) I know that I’m going to add this to my DVR as soon as it shows up in my programming guide, but truthfully, I am not optimistic about its music programming being anything resembling good. And the minute it starts trying to push Good Charlotte and Heidi Montag as “featured artists” I’m out.

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