Attention, Fans Of Late-’80s Alterna-Pop: Sacramento Beckons

Dan Gibson | May 6, 2008 2:30 am
It’s difficult to imagine, but for one night only California’s state capital will turn into a place I’d actually like to visit. For the first time, Bourgeois Tagg, who released two albums in the late ’80s, will reunite to play a benefit for a ailing friend featuring their original lineup. Of course, it also helps that my favorite band of all time is on the bill as well.

This might be notable to only a few people, I suppose, but both Bourgeois Tagg discs (out of print, as far as I know) were the sort of college rock records that were right up my alley at the time, mixing Beatles influences and synthpop and avoiding the sort of commercial success that would have forced me to disown them. Brent Bourgeois released a few solo albums following the group’s split before moving into Christian rock A&R, and Larry Tagg has a few albums out as well, but guitarist Lyle Workman has probably made the most of his post Bourgeois Tagg career, scoring films for Judd Apatow and becoming a sought-after studio and touring guitarist. (The drummer went on to play with Smash Mouth for several years, which is a fate too terrible to even consider.)

Of course, it’s also worth nothing that the bill also includes two former Sacramento-area acts and Christian alternative rock favorites from my formative years, Charlie Peacock and the 77’s. Charlie’s career is a strange one, swerving from moments as the scene’s version of Peter Gabriel to a jazz performer and improvisational music aficionado. Apparently, he’s currently recording with Marc Ribot, members of the Flecktones, and some Icelandic people.

The 77’s are, of course, notable for being awesome, as evidenced by this track from 1992’s Pray Naked:

Best of luck to the concert’s beneficiary, Uncle Rainbow lead singer Richard Oates.

Bourgeois Tagg and Uncle Rainbow Reunion With Charlie Peacock and the 77’s []