Me & The Lizard King Part Two: This Is Starting To Not Go Well

Dan Gibson | May 6, 2008 4:00 am

After a break consisting of listening to some of the 252 ’80s Christian-rock songs posted on YouTube by someone named “Amber”, it’s back to hangin’ with Jim and the boys.

I assumed for some reason that Morrison Hotel would be my downfall, but it hasn’t been that bad. I almost found myself enjoying “Land Ho!” during the upbeat sections.

However, it’s LA Woman‘s half-assed interpretation of the blues that’s killing me slowly.

Compare and contrast:

LA Woman is the Doors album I remember most from my child of a baby boomer upbringing, and that certainly is making isn’t making the seven-plus minutes of “Riders on the Storm” any easier or “WASP (Texas Radio & the Big Beat)” which I found trouble finding interesting in any manner whatsoever. I do have a bit of appreciation for the Doors now in the sense that every bar band full of Vietnam vets works this same style in a pale imitation of the original. It might not be fun for me to listen to now, but credit the Doors for doing it first, I suppose.

At very least, I made it through the ull band with Morrison records with some appreciation for the whole aesthetic. The experience rates below listening to the Rod Stewart catalog (the Mercury discs are solid, I tell you) but slightly above working my way through stacks of Pitchfork-baiting indie rock promos, which can be the most tiring experience of all some days. The Doors: white guys trying to play the blues, get some chicks and sound like LA in 1969. Not the worst idea of all time, for certain.

At very least, I’ll always have a soft spot for “Five To One”:

Still, An American Prayer’s spot in my iTunes media library is meeting the delete button the minute “The Ghost Song” finishes.

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