The Top Five Lines From Soulja Boy’s <em>New</em> New Single

noah | May 8, 2008 12:45 pm
Soulja Boy’s third new song of the past week is “Go Hard,” a boast that manages to dis Kanye West, refer to any other MCs out there as “ninja turtles,” and not use the “Crank That” steel-drum beat during its entire two minutes and 43 seconds. Helpfully, Soulja Boy has cut and pasted the lyrics in the YouTube “about” box, and, well, between reading these words and listening to Tokio Hotel, I’m starting to wonder just what this world is going to be like when I hit retirement age. In case you don’t want to stream the entire song, I’ve listed the five “best” lines from the track after the jump.

5. “My Lyrics sick, tell my verse to get well soon.” The chorus, on the other hand, can stay in the ICU.

4. “My house too nerdy I call it Steve urkle.” Sic, natch.

3. “My flow Wifi connection stay connected like bell south.” Uh…

2. “Throw my balls at yo girl she call me payton manning.” Wouldn’t Eli have been a better choice, what with him being the younger brother and winning the Super Bowl and being kind of an idiot savant type and… oh, forget it.

1. “I call my weed purple. Similar to the film” Purple Rain? The Color Purple? The Purple Rose Of Cairo? Did that Harold And The Purple Crayon movie ever get made?

Go Hard [YouTube]