32-Year-Old Scorpions Album Cover Inspires FBI Frenzy

noah | May 8, 2008 3:30 am

Apparently the right wing has been going batshit crazy over the pornographic content on the online Wikipedia (link NSFW), which includes but is not limited to “images of mammary intercourse,” “an illustrated list of sex positions,” “photos of nude strippers,” and other such pieces of filth. (I guess some people really were scarred for life after looking up “sex” in the World Book.) One of the more controversial Wikipedia bits happens to be the non-US cover for the Scorpions’ 1976 album Virgin Killer, which has a photo of a young nude girl whose crotch is obscured by a camera-lens crack. The, um, kind of crackpottily biased site WorldNetDaily is claiming that Wikipedia’s reproduction of this photo has now attracted the attention of the FBI, who are coming to terms with its content now, 32 years after its initial release and probable availability in record-collector swamps around the country.

The alternate cover is above; I’m not in the mood to put my new bosses on the FBI’s radar (hey, it’s only been a month since the sale!). But I will note that if you’d like to see just what is causing the firestorm, this seemingly illegal image is also on the U.S.-hosted servers of Amazon, where it retails for $89.99 used thanks to its import-only status. And that’s hardly the only place where you can find it. I know that silly vendettas are the way of the right-wing nutters, but singling out a 32-year-old cover that’s readily available on many other Internet sites–and even commercially available on a few? Are conservatives really that offended by the message of “Winds Of Change”?

Wikipedia is filled with hardcore porn! [Fleshbot]FBI investigates ‘Wikipedophilia’ [WorldNetDaily via Blabbermouth]