Liv Tyler: Breaking Hearts, Reminding People Of Spacehog

Dan Gibson | May 9, 2008 12:20 pm

Liv Tyler, who is famous for various reasons, has announced her separation from her husband of five years, Arckid singer/guitarist Royston Langdon. Tyler was spotted without her wedding ring at recent public events, setting off speculation and rampant wishful thinking.

Tyler, of course, was famously given the bad news that her father was not in fact the somewhat cool Todd Rundgren, but actually the remarkably creepy Steven Tyler at the age of nine. Langdon is best known for his previous band, Spacehog, who are not all that bad in retrospect, even beyond their one significant hit, “In The Meantime”.

“Mungo City”, in particular, had the unfortunate timing of not being the one song people remember:

Arckid aren’t too bad, I suppose. Although maybe having your wife’s ex-boyfriend direct your video wasn’t the best idea:

Liv Tyler will be seen in the summer blockbuster The Incredible Hulk, while there were no immediate reports for Langston’s future plans.

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