Courtney Love Abandons Linda Perry Album

anthonyjmiccio | May 15, 2008 11:30 am

Courtney Love’s been working with Linda Perry on Nobody’s Daughter, her second solo album, for almost three years, but word is starting to filter out that she’s scrapped everything and will start fresh with her band’s guitarist Micko Larrikin, formerly of the British group Larrikin Love (no relation), at the helm. Wasn’t Courtney’s album supposed to come out on Perry’s label, though? Hard to believe Court could go through that much drama and not blog about it. If the rumors are true, a listen to Larrikin Love’s music would imply we’re in for something a lot more spare and jangly than the former 4 Non Blonde’s brand of pop.

Larrikin Love had a couple of singles reminiscent of the Libertines, the Futureheads and the Hoodoo Gurus scrape the bottom of the UK Top 40 in ’06 and ’07 before the band imploded.

“Happy As Annie”

“Downing Street Kindling”

On the other hand, perhaps Courtney will update her Madonna fixation and take on a British accent.

Courtney Love scraps Perry album [Digital Spy] Larrikin Love – Happy As Annie [YouTube] Downing Street Kindling [YouTube]