The NME Awards USA Are Not Over For Some

anthonyjmiccio | May 16, 2008 9:00 am

How could we allow this to happen in America? The Klaxons have been accused of keeping an award won by the Arctic Monkeys at the NME Awards USA last month. The Next Big Things behind “Fluorescent Adolescent” couldn’t make it out to the LA event, so a Klaxon and Mark Ronson ambushed the stage when model Agyness Deyn announced the Monkeys had won Best “International” Album, swiping the trophy and shouting “We’re up for it and we’re having a laugh!” When I ask how could this happen in America, I’m not saying we don’t allow people to jump the stage at award shows. I’m noting that an stateside award ceremony controversy involving Klaxons, Arctic Monkeys, Mark Ronson, and a model named Agyness Deyn obviously breaks the Third Amendment. Throw a Shawn Colvin or a Kanye in that mix, NME, or keep it on your damn island.

Arctic Monkeys, winners of the Best International Album at the NME Awards USA, are yet to get their trophy back from Klaxons.

The Sheffield band were unable to attend the Los Angeles ceremony last month, so Jamie Reynolds from Klaxons got up onstage and swiped Arctic Monkeys’ award from model Agyness Deyn when it was handed out (pictured).

Alex Turner and co have yet to be handed their award, and Reynolds caused further confusion on the night (April 23) by jokingly telling NME.COM that Klaxons’ 2007 debut album ‘Myths Of The Near Future’ deserved the prize more than ‘Famous Worst Nightmare’.

“Are you telling me that their second album is better than our first?” he asked during an interview on the night.

No, we’re telling you we don’t care! Until a British act writes a hit ballad, they are not allowed to caper and cavort at award ceremonies on this side of the Atlantic (Franz Ferdinand are the exception that proves the rule). If you like, you may play a handful of industry-heavy live dates in major metropolitan areas, as a full-scale tour is rather tiring for you English scamps. But get that visa early. We’re watching you.

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