David Cook To Transform Into Bono For 90 Seconds Tonight

noah | May 20, 2008 3:00 am

A few more spoilers have started to trickle out about tonight’s American Idol pre-finale, including word that David Archuleta will reprise “Imagine” and David Cook is planning on singing U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”–the first time a U2 song has been cleared for an Idol performance. (Perhaps this means that Bono is the big star Nigel Lythgoe was crowing about yesterday?) Also: Unlike last year, when Blake Lewis was forced to gut out “This Is My Now,” the two Davids have been given leeway to pick their own coronation songs from the songwriting contest’s top ten vote-getters. Their rumored picks, and other news bits, after the jump.

David Archuleta’s pick is “Here I Am”:

Ah, another one of those vaguely Christian-rock songs with a vaguely R & B edge that draws deliberate comparisons between fame and being saved by the Lord. The breathiness of the demo’s singer must have really appealed to David’s dad vocal coaches.

Meanwhile, David Cook’s rumored pick is the song that I originally thought was sung by a Weiland clone!

Nice “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” guitars on the pre-chorus there.

A few other notable items in the Idol universe, via MJ unless otherwise noted:

• No word on Clive Davis’ picks for the two Davids yet, but I’m sure they’ll both be written by Professional Songwriters. Ahem. • Neil Diamond is allegedly going to duet on “America” with little David, while in what could be an amazing mash-up trainwreck, Mariah Carey and David Cook are planning to sing “Always Be My Baby” together. Do you think she’ll get mad if he steps on her lines? • Vote for the Worst is reporting that a cappella aficionado Luke Menard has been diagnosed with cancer. The site is saying that the cancer is inoperable, but a commenter claiming inside knowledge is saying that whatever Luke has been diagnosed with is treatable. Either way, here’s hoping for a speedy recovery. • I think we all need a pick-me-up after that news, so for those of you who were missing Danny Noriega, here he is talking about how he was too TMTH for the Idol producers on the TV Guide Channel:


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