Tinfoil Hat Time: Did The Producers Turn Up David Archuleta’s Screaming-Girl Chorus By Accident?

noah | May 21, 2008 12:45 pm

I’ve had a sneaking suspicion for most of the season that the producers have been sweetening the screeching-girl noises during David Archuleta’s performances, or at least enhancing it a bit–blame a childhood spent preferring Guns N’ Roses to New Kids On the Block. But! During Archie’s second song tonight, I swear I heard some evidence that there was at least a little bit of producer manipulation. Watch the clip above; when you hit the 20-second mark or so, listen to the “crowd noise” that comes in. Does it sound oddly muted, and oddly timed, to you? Especially since it’s accompanied by a pit full of stock-still young ladies who should have had their hands set to “sway” during this frenzy-inspiring moment? Maybe I’m just hearing the tongue baths of Randy, Paula, and Simon echoing in my ears, but something just seems a little… off. Ah, the unpredictability of live TV! [Redlasso via MJ]