Jill Scott Lifts, Separates, Diversifies Her Portfolio

noah | May 22, 2008 10:30 am

R & B singer/AT&T pitchwoman Jill Scott has added to her portfolio with a line of full-figure undergarments for the Ashley Stewart chain, including bras that she’s designed based on cup-related frustrations that, in the past, required her to wear two of the contraptions at the same time. (One was for lifting, the other was for shaping. How on earth she was able to move around with that kind of layering I’ll never know.) This is probably one of the smartest musician-related “brand extension” moves I’ve seen in a while–after all, most women who have to avail themselves of bras do tend to need reinforcements at least once every two years or so, and it’s not like foundation garments can be easily made at home–although I have to say that I generally like my underthings to have a little more, shall we say, plunge than the looks on offer at present. [Concrete Loop / AshleyStewart.com]