Coldplay’s iTunes Ad Somehow Not Worst Thing On TV

anthonyjmiccio | May 22, 2008 1:00 am
Part of the reason I took my DVR recording of American Idol off fast-forward during the the above ad was to make my girlfriend groan about how much she hates Chris Martin and his stupid face. But the title track of Viva La Vida is actually getting stuck in my head in a more than pleasant way. Somebody’s figured out how to mix the Arcade Fire’s ornate bombast (it might be about the French Revolution!) with the usual Bonosity, and, well, maybe I was too quick to assume the new album was bound to stink. Then again, there are only two other singles by the group I can actually get all the way through. (And “Clocks” ain’t one of them.)

The variety of guitar effects alone might have done it, but when the Crazy Town dudes announced in a SPIN singles wrap-up that they heard “Yellow” was about an STD, this song went straight to the top of the band’s accomplishments. He was so cute before he grew that stubble, too!

I know I come off very flip and snarky in my writings here, but I’m actually a very sensitive man. A man who has felt regret. A man who has loved and lost. Much like Chris Martin, except you’d never want to see me strut around in a tight, white, long-sleeved shirt.

Nothing from X&Y pressed my buttons, but I might actually check out Viva La Vida if there’s going to be more Neon Joshua Tree on it. And if that last bit in italics unnerves you, run now. I’m sure this album’s promotional cycle has only begun.

Coldplay Apple iTunes Viva La Vida [YouTube]Coldplay – Yellow [YouTube]Coldplay – The Scientist [YouTube]

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