Idolator’s 2008 Summer Jam Tournament: Pick The Song That Will Be Inescapable By This Time Next Month

noah | May 27, 2008 12:00 pm

Now that it’s warm out and I can run around my backyard barefoot, it’s time to figure out just what, exactly, will be the jam of the coming summer, the song that will become inescapable through sheer will. And what better way to do it via bracketed tournament, what with the current run of major sports playoffs nearing their end? (Those of you who think it’s too soon to start calling these sorts of things might want to recall that by this time last year, “Umbrella” had already a) hit big in the US and b) started its monsoon-inducing UK chart run.) Each Idolator writer is nominating a song or two and will pen a few words in their picks’ defense, and to round out our bracket we’ll have a handful of reader nominees. To narrow those down, the songs nominated by you (and you!) over the weekend will go head to sunburned head in a pre-tournament play-in round. Which starts… now! (Well, OK, it’s after the jump.)

There’s also a ton of YouTubage within:

Come back tomorrow for round one!

[Photo by me]