You Can’t Stop The RZA From Recalling Past Glories Now

anthonyjmiccio | May 28, 2008 11:30 am
“You Can’t Stop Me Now,” from the RZA’s upcoming Bobby Digital release, Digi Snax, describes how the beat mastermind moved from street crime to sampling, finally becoming famous alongside the Wu-Tang Clan in 1993. What fifteen year old accomplishments have to do with our ability to stop him today is left unclear.

It’s surprising that the track’s guest verse from Inspectah Deck is left off the video clip. While he doesn’t pick up the Wu-history lesson where RZA leaves off, his claims of being unstoppable help extend the track length to the point where the credits (which include “co-directed by the RZA”) would end less than a quarter into the video, rather than almost a third of the way through. In the abbreviated radio-ready edit, the RZA is seen standing on a rooftop and ignoring a Wu-signal before being groped by women on a throne (a la the cover to Digi Snax). Side projects are acnowledged (Achozen, his collabo with the bassist from System Of A Down, appears on a skyscraper) and ODB is RIP’d before Commissioner Gordon gives up and replaces the Wu-signal with a Bobby Digital-signal, which inspires Prince Rakeem to leap from his perch.

U can’t stop this, and U can expect this for the next ten years.

RZA as Bobby Digital – You can’t stop me now OFFICIAL VIDEO [YouTube via Smoking Section]

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