Cisco Adler Must Have Compromising Pictures Of Judy McGrath

Dan Gibson | May 30, 2008 10:30 am
It’s beyond me how Cisco Adler manages to keep getting on television, but somehow he’s done it again, procuring a new “real-life Entourage” styled program on MTV this summer.

The Rock Life was one of VH1’s least-discussed Celebreality programs, and Adler’s “band” Whitestarr faded into deserved obscurity once Adler seemed to lose his touch with Hollywood’s starlets (not that there’s not still hope, buddy!) However, now that Adler’s found a minor hit with his rapper pal Shwayze’s “Buzzin'”, MTV’s willing to follow the pair around for the summer while they look for cheap gas and weed (or something of the sort). While I appreciate MTV’s new focus on programming that is at least tangentially related to music, I’m pretty sure this doesn’t count towards that initiative.

Also up for MTV, a show following T.I. and his ankle bracelet around, as well as something called “Baby Dolls” involving Wilmer Valderrama, and teenagers-gone-wrong programming titled “Busted” and “16 and Pregnant”.

MTV Pockets 50 Cent, Wilmer Valderrama comedy, teen-pregnancy show on tap too [Zap2It]