Tyga, “Coconut Juice”

noah | May 30, 2008 12:00 pm
Harry Nilsson as beyond-the-grave hook man? Well, I guess weirder things have happened. Tyga’s “Coconut Juice” sounds like the overcrowded pool party on the outskirts of Los Angeles depicted in its video, a big cacophonous mess (in a not-bad way!) of hand claps and “ay-yay-yay” breaks over a beat that’s been Dopplerized in anticipation of it floating and bending out of arriving and departing cars’ windows. (Also, thanks to the “everything must reference another piece of culture” ethos embraced by our nation’s ad agencies, every time I hear this track, I wonder if Diet Coke With Lime is still around, even though that stuff was kind of nasty.) [YouTube]
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