Pete Wentz Wants Our Help

Dan Gibson | May 30, 2008 11:30 am

Earlier this week, I apparently upset Pete Wentz a little bit when I posted about his new MTV show, which upset his posse (my favorite comment: “ps. dan gibson = a bitch, perez hilton = amazing, pete wentz = my hero”). I certainly hope that he and I can get past this difficult stage in our relationship, so I’m going to assume his original “MTV doesn’t play videos, man” post was sincere, and that, as he mentioned in his blog, he really does want our help picking a “classic” video. So let’s give him all the help, hugs, and love that Idolator is known for.

Pete said:

Please suggest a video you want me to play for the vintage/classic video segment. Maybe you can run a poll on your site (which is way more popular than my blog,, i promise you ive seen the numbers). I promise to watch your selections carefully but I must warn you that I may do so under the influence of some Coconut Juice.

Since there hasn’t really been a channel showing only the videos I want to see since the demise of “The Box”, I thought it would be best to take nominations from our readership, with a poll to determine our official suggestion for Pete’s Big Music Show to follow later today.

First, my personal video preferences:

The Happy Mondays – Step On:

Really, how can you go wrong with the Happy Mondays (although my wife might disagree)?

Barnes & Barnes – Fish Heads:

This video was a big hit on Nickelodeon’s music video program when I was a kid, which qualifies it as a classic, maybe.

Los Fabulousos Cadillacs – Matador:

Oh, MTV Latino, you gave me so much, it’s all I can do to try to return the love.

Let the suggestions fly, and be sure to check in later for the poll.

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