Weiland Already Delaying Gigs, Apologizing For Himself On STP Tour?

anthonyjmiccio | June 2, 2008 10:45 am

Coming out an hour late, forgetting lyrics, slurring apologetic introductions that get cut off by visibly annoyed band members–sounds like Weiland is back and better than ever! When Slash wakes up in a couple of hours and grabs The New York Times before enjoying his bagel (but after putting on on slippers, a bath towel, and a snake), the description of Stone Temple Pilots’ New York show will undoubtedly inspire a smirk.

Scott Weiland, the lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots, had just a few words for the crowd at the PNC Bank Arts Center on Saturday night, and that was probably a good thing. Two weeks into this post-grunge band’s reunion tour, he seemed bedraggled and bushed, like a scarecrow. His first comments were barely coherent, and what came next was dispiriting. “Sometimes you make crazy choices,” he said, in a distinctly undefiant tone.

Mr. Weiland noted that this was a hometown show for half of the band, the brothers Robert and Dean DeLeo, who play bass and guitar. “I apologize for …” he started to add.

“Apology accepted, brother,” Robert DeLeo said quickly, changing the subject and hustling on with the show.

… the feeling imparted by these performances was desultory and joyless. The band never rose above a sort of grim competence.

It was the same with Mr. Weiland. While he expertly struck the image of a rock star — strutting and preening, and shedding his white jacket and T-shirt to reveal a sinewy torso — his voice sounded less flexible than usual, and he sometimes seemed nearly out of breath. He forgot some lyrics and flubbed others, and often used a megaphone as a prop, or perhaps a crutch.

There’s already footage of Weiland’s attempt at apologizing for — I dunno, everything? — on YouTube.

Want more mumbling? Watch Weiland cling to the mic, before eventually sitting down, during “Creep.”

Can Weiland make it till Aug. 31, when the tour finally comes to a close at Seattle’s Bumbershoot Festival? Can I resist noting that Stone Temple Pilots is planning to wrap up its tour in Seattle, which is kind of a “hometown show” for the band’s success?

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