M.I.A. Announces Engagement After Fretting Over Green Card

anthonyjmiccio | June 2, 2008 12:45 pm

A few days after M.I.A. joked about getting Kanye West to marry her so she could get a green card and stay in the U.S. long enough for them to collaborate, the Edmonton Sun claims that she’s going to the tie the knot with Benjamin Brewer, a guitarist for the NY band Exit. Mr. Brewer is also the son of Edgar Bronfman, Jr., the Warner Bros. CEO we can’t get enough of. While there’s been no official statement from MIA or her beau’s rich-as-fuck Canadian family, we wish the alleged couple all the best, and we even have a song recommendation for the wedding reception.

The 29-year-old British/Sri Lankan singer, who released the smash sophomore album Kala last year, will be leaving her New York City apartment when her one-year work visa expires in June.

M.I.A.’s father was once a soldier in the Sri Lankan terrorist organization Tamil Tigers, hence the problems with U.S. immigration officials, who previously denied her entry in 2006.

“I figured I might as well do a few more shows in America before I may not be allowed back in or ever get a chance to come back again,” she says. “It’s nice to tour around America and do every gig like it’s your last gig.

“I might have to move to Canada,” she adds. “I’m thinking of moving to Montreal in June when I leave my apartment. Basically at the moment I can choose between Montreal and London. My mum’s like, ‘I want you here!’ I haven’t seen her in, like, forever, so I have to choose between my mum and Montreal.”

Tom Petty may have meant this track as a cranky dis, but it could easily be reimagined as the chivalrous claims of a gentleman willing to share the wealth and allow a restless spirit to finally have a home to call her own. You believe what you want to believe, but you don’t have to live like a refugee. Oh, oh, oh!

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