Brett Ratner Brings His C-Game To The Miley Cyrus Video Shoot

Kate Richardson | June 3, 2008 3:30 am

Pictures from the set of the dreaded Brett Ratner/Miley Cyrus collaboration have leaked, and the end result looks like it’ll be… well, it looks like it’ll be a music video. A very boring music video. Where are the laser-shooting mutants, Brett? The broad culture-clash humor? The obligatory car chase sequences?

The one thing that’s not missing is Ratner’s new directorial motif:


Guitar Hero! Perhaps it’s some statement about how Miley Cyrus is an electronic device programmed to simulate the experience of music? Or maybe he just had the extra controller lying around from the American Idol shoot.


Judging from this shot, the video’s concept is “Miley Cyrus Jumps as Studio Musicians Wear Young People Costumes.”


Ratner wielding his latest muse.


New rule: you’re only allowed to smash real instruments if you can actually play them.


“Damn, I thought I was going to get to work with Jackie Chan.”

All in all, I’m preparing for disappointment. If Brett Ratner can’t live up to the stereotypes he’s created for himself, he’s doing a grave disservice to Miley Cyrus and the American public at large. Is Michael Bay available for a last-minute reshoot?

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