Steve Vai To Play Hank Williams In His First Movie Role Since “Crossroads”

anthonyjmiccio | June 4, 2008 11:30 am

It’s been over twenty years since Steve Vai got Daniel-Sanned by Ralph Macchio in the movie Crossroads, but he’s returning to the silver screen to play Hank Williams in a new movie about the life of legendary guitarist Hank Garland, who played with Elvis, Dave Brubeck, Roy Orbison and countless other musical legends while dealing with a possessive wife, hassles with the law, and shady businessmen. Garland is played by Waylon Payne, who played Jerry Lee Lewis in Walk The Line. Helloooo, typecasting. Other celebrities appearing in the film include Shawn Colvin and Katharine McPhee, but Steve Vai as Hank Williams? Crazy.

Crazy has been playing in film festivals since December 2007, but a cinematic or DVD release date hasn’t been announced. How did Vai get the gig? By sleeping with the executive producer, himself. The movie looks intriguing, but I doubt Vai’s going to be able to top this classic sequence.

Do you realize how hard it must have been for Vai to pretend he’s a worse guitarist than Ralph Macchio? That’s acting.

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