Lloyd And Lil Wayne Celebrate Cyborg Women, “Paid In Full”

anthonyjmiccio | June 5, 2008 9:30 am

A retro sound (can you believe there’s this much juice left in “Ashley’s Roachclip“?) gets a futuristic look in Hype Williams’ video for “Girls Around The World,” the latest collaboration from Lloyd and Lil’ Wayne. If I’m hesitant to call it their greatest, it’s only because I still have a lot of love for “You,” which sounds as good as it did last year.

Lloyd can’t seem to stop giggling when he’s standing next to Wayne, but he’s getting better about looking earnest when it’s just him and a video hottie, even she’s got laser beams shooting out of her eyes. If “Girls Around The World” gets as big as it sounds, maybe we’ll eventually see that promised The Best Of Young Worlds album.

Girls Around The World – Lloyd & Lil’ Wayne [WSHH via Rock The Dub]

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