The Coachella Of Tribute Acts Hits Southern California

Dan Gibson | June 6, 2008 4:30 am
Sure, I guess you could insist on seeing the actual bands instead, but if you enjoy low ticket prices and remarkable simulations of your favorite ’80s New Wave acts, you may want to visit the Los Angeles-adjacent Gibson Amphitheater on June 21 for the Save New Wave festival. What you’re saving “new wave” from is debatable (irrelevancy? active rock?), but some of these fake bands aren’t that bad.

It’s hard to be partial to any concert in the greater Los Angeles area where you can get front-row tickets for around $50, but any show where you can see New Order tribute act Love Vigilantes (now featuring a Gillian!) seems too good to be true.

As previously mentioned on the site, the Smiths tribute act Sweet And Tender Hooligans is remarkably entertaining.

Blasphemous Rumours, the Depeche Mode tribute act, seems good enough, although at this point, would anyone be able to tell the difference?

Also featured: an Oingo Boingo tribute act; and a Cure tribute band that will apparently have former Cure member Lawrence “Lol” Tolhurst on drums and depression. The show’s site promises more “special guests”, but what more could you ask for? Besides the actual acts performing, of course.

Save New Wave Festival [Myspace]