“Nashville Star”: Should The Sixth Season Be My First?

Dan Gibson | June 10, 2008 3:30 am
Nashville Star‘s sixth season premiered last night on NBC, which brought one question to mind: Six seasons? Really? And another: Should I be watching this debacle?

Well, the show did uncover Miranda Lambert, one of the few reality-show-derived musicians who’s managed to release an album I enjoy listening to in its entirety. On the other hand, she did come in third to Buddy Jewell, who hasn’t made much of the opportunity, possibly because he’s not very talented and somewhat boring.

The show itself seems vaguely promising, with solo artists facing duos and trios while judged by a megalomaniac with some credibility (John Rich), a pop star who has the country credibility of once living in her car (Jewel), and a guy I’ve never heard of whose name sounds remarkably porn-starish (Jeffrey Steele). As a detraction, the increasingly creepy Billy Ray Cyrus is the host, and I’m not sure I can take an hour of that guy each week, especially if he’s visiting aircraft carriers. And song selection is dubious: Someone apparently chose “Drops Of Jupiter” as their song this week, which is odd because Train wasn’t really much of a country band, and really, not much of a band at all.

Reruns will air incessantly on CMT, so maybe I’ll catch one. Somehow I think I’m going to regret that decision.

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