Totally Irrelevant Magazines: The T-Shirt Edition

Dan Gibson | June 10, 2008 4:15 am

If you’re an aging baby boomer who enjoys clothing that you think might give you some cultural credibility, Macy’s and Rolling Stone are teaming up to bring the conspicuous back into conspicuous consumption.

Sure, $35 is a lot to spend on a t-shirt, but what about a t-shirt that has this picture on it?


Think of what your less cool friends will say when they see Dirty Vegas on the left sidebar. As long as they don’t know where the local Macy’s is, you’ll have a monopoly on hip.

We haven’t even taken into account “today’s cross-channel lifestyle” (whatever that means):

“Rolling Stone magazine is an iconic and revolutionary brand, and its covers are among some of the country’s most memorable and culturally-charged images,” said Jerry Balest, Macy’s vice president of Men’s Fashion. “The new collection of Rolling Stone tees appeals to today’s cross-channel lifestyle, bringing together the influences of fashion, music, celebrity and entertainment. Macy’s is honored to be exclusively bringing back these covers in a new, wearable way.”

However, when focusing on music stars that have graced the magazine’s cover like the Beatles and Jerry Garcia, Macy’s and Rolling Stone might be missing a golden opportunity. Which of these iconic covers would you rock casually under a suit jacket?

Macy’s Partners with Rolling Stone to Offer Magazine’s Iconic Covers for Collectors’ Edition Tees [Trading Markets]