Scott Storch Is A Wanted Man

noah | June 11, 2008 10:00 am

Record producer and car collector Scott Storch owes $511,839.16 in back taxes on his Miami Beach home, is way behind on child support, and has a paternity suit pending. There are also reports of various cars he owes money on, including one that turned Lil Kim into the subject of a local TV news segment, being repossessed. So a judge in Miami-Dade County has authorized police to jail the producer until he can be brought to court for hearings on his various debts. For his part, Storch’s lawyer says that he’s trying to refinance his house–which is reportedly worth upwards of $10 million–in order to pay down his debts, but I suspect that his mountain of problems is resulting in banks being shy about giving him a blank check for anything more expensive than a pack of gum at this point. [Miami Herald via The Daily Swarm]