Guns N’ Roses Fan So Desperate For New Material, He Resorts To Charity

noah | June 11, 2008 3:45 am

The world has been waiting for new material from Axl Rose for a long time–even crummy, leaked versions of half-finished tracks haven’t trickled out of the studio in months, and the clock counting down to the world no longer getting a free can of Dr Pepper thanks to his creative output is ticking. So one enterprising Guns N’ Roses fan has decided to take matters into his own hands, as well as his wallet: “I am willing to pay $1,000.00 to charity if Guns N Roses, their management, or other ‘interested parties,’ provide me with a previously unleaked demo off of the band’s long awaited Chinese Democracy album. It must be in it’s entirety – and with Axl’s vocals. I am will to pre-pay in advance via paypal.” Thinking of giving it to charity was smart, since that “donation” can double as a sweet tax deduction!

Apparently this “give me some, and I’ll give something away” tactic is being used to smoke out what a tipster referred to in e-mail as “known German and Portugese hoarders,” who are rumored to have still-unreleased demos in their possession. There’s an epic thread over at about one person in particular:

here’s the latest that I’m hearing from my source. the iconito guy (guy offering $$ for a new leak at mygnr) has got a new song. maybe even more than one. supposedly he got a song and ended up paying $1,000 for it. rumor has it he got a 99 studio demo of chinese d, a new madagascar, and a new song that my source won’t give up the title on. supposedly the new song is low quality and that’s the reason the guy threw in the 99 demo of cd and a new madagascar (he didn’t know how new, and says he hasn’t heard anything himself with the exception of about 5 seconds of a new song and he swears it’s legit with axl’s vocals.

The debate over whether or not the guy’s full of it goes on for another 13 pages, if you dare. I made it through about four before realizing that the fact that Universal hasn’t made a lucrative bid to purchase as a sign that this album isn’t coming out anytime soon.

Also: Did you know that Axl turns 50 in 2012? Just figured I’d point that out.

$1,000.00 For GN’R Chinese Democracy Demo [craigslist] UPDATE ON THE RUMOR ABOUT THE GUY AT MYGNR (HE HAS A SONG) []