Starbucks Soul: Now More Than Ever

anthonyjmiccio | June 11, 2008 4:00 am

Jamie Lidell’s dropping the electro and bringing on the supper club in this Conan O’Brien performance, answering everyone’s prayers for a less disco Jamiroquai. Meanwhile, Duffy’s “Mercy” is almost mistaken for a summer jam (thank you, Tyga mafia!) and snoozy British songbirds like Adele are popping up everywhere. But why? Why, why, why? Some answers, and some predictions.

1. Amy Winehouse is the new Kurt Cobain. Oh, troubled singer with a drug habit and questionable choice of spouse. Hopefully, you’ll make one more album before choking on a mouse.

2. This kind of classy snooze is probably the only thing that will sell well at both Wal-Mart and Starbucks. In a world full of hoochies, it’s good to know that some young singers still have dignity, but don’t necessarily feel the need to wear big gowns and do goofy cabaret songs with lots of swearing. Old school enough for new grandmothers, and modern enough for new moms. Oprah and Tyra, united.

3. American Idol has helped audiences refocus on the magic of a good voice. Doing really limp versions of classic schmaltz.

4. Mick Hucknall is going to make a comeback. Simply Red’s 2009 tour will allegedly be the “group”‘s last, but Mick already has a tribute to Bobby Bland planned, and I can’t imagine Leona Lewis or someone wouldn’t be into a duet of “Holding Back The Years.”

5. A sequel to, or a rip-off of, The Commitments is only a matter of time.

Cross-promotion, baby! No reason to leave any medium untouched by the soul revival.

Jamie Lidell on Conan [Red Lasso via Pitchfork] “Dark End Of The Street” [YouTube]