Half Of Stone Temple Pilots Sued By Atlantic Records

anthonyjmiccio | June 13, 2008 9:30 am

Oh, those canny DeLeo brothers. When Atlantic released them from Stone Temple Pilots’ recording contract, the label probably thought they were just getting out of having to promote whatever Talk Show/Army Of Anyone crap these guys were going to come up with next. A Stone Temple Pilots reunion? How likely was that? Weiland would either stick with a good (for him) thing like Velvet Revolver, or die. But now that the unthinkable (or at least un-particularly thought about) reunion has occurred, the remaining members on the contract (Weiland and Eric Kretz) are claiming the old deal’s invalid. (and I’m guessing the reason is more “LiveNation” than “Radiohead.”) Not only does Atlantic want the court to state that Stone Temple Pilots still has one to three records left to make for the label, they want the band to pay their label fees. But when the bands sees the fans yelling “do ‘Plush!'” it’s all worth it.

The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, claims lead singer Scott Weiland and drummer Eric Kretz have threatened to stop performing under their contract and have indicated they would like to end the agreement unless Atlantic makes significant changes.

The record company said in the suit that while Stone Temple Pilots has already delivered six albums, it wants the group to record a seventh album and deliver up to two more if Atlantic decides it wants them.

…Atlantic said in the lawsuit that the group — Weiland, Kretz and the DeLeos — was now touring successfully and had indicated its intention to record together again. The record company said its contract with Stone Temple Pilots was written under New York laws and that the musicians are trying to use California laws to terminate it.

Atlantic said claims by Kretz and Weiland that they have a right to terminate the contract “have given rise to a definite, real and substantial controversy between the parties that threatens to harm Atlantic’s business.”

Atlantic is seeking a court declaration of its rights under the recording contract, the costs of its legal fees and any other relief the court decides is appropriate.

A spokesperson for Stone Temple Pilots had no immediate comment on the lawsuit.

Man, not only do these guys have to make it through three more months of touring in uncomfortable silence, they may be forced by law to record another album for Atlantic. Moral of the story: if you currently do not have to work with Weiland…keep it that way.