Do Not Fuck With Josh Homme

anthonyjmiccio | June 16, 2008 10:00 am

While Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme probably didn’t enjoy having a bottle thrown at him during his band’s performance at the Norwegian Wood festival in Oslo, I’m not sure it warrants throwing shit back and yelling “little chickenshit faggot! Lift him up so I can kick him in the fucking face!” while the offending teen is held by security. “I may have a fucking 102 degree temperature, been puking for three days, but I will still buttfuck you in front of all your friends.” Hot blooded!

Another video lets us watch the hissy fit in context. At 1:30 into “3s & 7s,” a bottle flies over Josh Homme’s head. But two minutes late, the song comes to a stop. This clip also allows us to see at 4:30 that, yes, the kid is making devil’s horns and grinning like a jackass as he’s taken away. Wisely, Homme immediately follows his rage with some “I came here for the rest of you, not that asshole” stage love and a well-received performance of “No One Knows.”

Josh Homme Recorded Yelling At Crowd Member For “Throwing Shit” At Him [Metal News] Norwegian Wood 08, QOTSA – 3’s and 7’s + talk [YouTube]