Chester Bennington Would Like Stop (Or Start) Those Velvet Revolver Rumors

anthonyjmiccio | June 16, 2008 11:00 am

All you gossiping fools saying that Chester Bennington is going to leave Linkin Park and join Velvet Revolver? He wants it to be made very clear that those rumors are just that, rumors. So stop spreading rumors about Chester Bennington, unknown people who were spreading those rumors. “It would be very uncomfortable for me to join that band because I’m friends with all of them, including Scott,” he told Kerrang! “If I was even going to do just one show, or record just one song with them, I’d have to know it was okay with my band, all those guys and Scott [Weiland] too.” It does seem odd that people would (allegedly, as I can’t find these rumors anywhere) think Chester would leave his cash cow to play with a past-its-prime act like Velvet Revolver, but then again, watching Slash work on a solo is probably a lot more fun than watching Mike Shinoda work on a rap.

Slash and Chester knocked out “Sweet Child O’ Mine” at a Camp Freddy all-star gig in Vegas, at the very least confirming that he would be a better fit for Velvet Revolver than a difficult junkie who can only pull off “It’s So Easy.”

The band also did “Highway To Hell” and “Whole Lotta Love,” songs considerably happier and hornier than anything Linkin Park has come up with. If he’s not leaving his compatriots in sensitive rap-rock, is he at least going to do more songs that match his increasingly metal look and lifestyle. After all, the guy who sang “Somewhere I Belong” is married to a Playboy Bunny.

Chester: “I am not Velvet Revolver’s new singer” [Kerrang! via Blabbermouth]Chester Bennington, Slash… Playing Paradise City [YouTube]