Desmond Child: A Loving Tribute

anthonyjmiccio | June 16, 2008 5:30 am

In a long-overdue bit of acknowledgement, Desmond Child–the man behind many of the finest in ’80s power ballads, as well as disco Kiss and Ricky Martin–will enter the Songwriters’ Hall Of Fame on Thursday, along with relatively minor songwriting figures as John Sebastian, Loretta Lynn, and Albert Hammond. Child tells the Miami Herald, “It was funny because I had been nominated twice before but I hadn’t made it, and I spoke to the heads of it and they said, ‘Well, we always thought you were too young to get it, but then we recently looked at your bio and realized you are old. You just looked young.” As most of his big-name collaborators are out touring this summer, Desmond Child has been forced “by default” to reunite his late ’70s combo Rouge for the ceremony. While it would be insane to try and list all of his greatest achievements (“Kiss The Rain”? “Born To Be My Baby”? “Shake Your Bon Bon”?), we’ve compiled a list of every ASCAP-registered song of his that features the word “love” in the title. Can you guess how many there are?

According To The Gospel Of Love After My Love Is Gone All About Lovin’ You Almost A Love Song Are You In It For Love? Before Your Love Calling It Love Dare To Love Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore?

Does He Love You Like I Do? Ghost Of Love Give Our Love A Fighting Chance How Can We Be Lovers?

I Feel Sorry For Love I Hate Myself For Loving You I Love Myself Today I Was Made For Loving You

If I Can’t Have Your Love If I Loved You If It Feels Like Love In The Arms Of Love In The Eyes Of Love It Ain’t About Love Anymore It’s Not Over Till We’re Lovers Let’s Get To The Love Part

Live Up To Your Love Love Cuts Deep Love For Sale Love Is My Witness Love Is War Love Junkie Love On A Rooftop

Love Should Be A Crime Love Transfusion Love United Love Will Keep Us Alive Love You For A Day Lovin’ You Is A Dirty Job

Lovin’ You, Lovin’ Me Man In Love Missin’ My Love My Right To Love You New Love Our Love Is Insane

Price Of Loving You The Problem With Love The Way Of Love There’s Always Love This Ain’t A Love Song This Maniac’s In Love With You

Timeless Love Times Are Hard For Lovers Tonight My Love Volvere A Amar What About Love

Why Don’t You Love Me? Without Love You Give Love A Bad Name

You Love Me To Hate You You Should Be High Love You’re Lovin Me To Death You’re Not My Lover (But You Were Last Night)

And while this song doesn’t have the word love in the title, it’s one that shouldn’t go unacknowledged when celebrating Desmond Child.

Child was only giving songwriting credit because of a “Livin’ La Vida Loca” interpolation, but this only stands as proof of how the majesty of Desmond Child will live on long after he, Richie Sambora, Eric Bazilian, Paul Stanley, Dianne Warren, and his many other collaborators are in their cold, cold graves. We love you, Desmond.

You may not know his name, but you know his songs [Miami Herald] Kane Roberts – Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore [YouTube] Michael Bolton – How Can We Be Lovers? [YouTube] Kiss – I Was Made For Loving You [YouTube] Play – Let’s Get To The Love Part [YouTube] Desmond Child – Love On A Rooftop [YouTube] Ratt – Lovin’ You Is A Dirty Job [YouTube] Desmond Child & Rouge – Our Love Is Insane [YouTube] Alice Cooper – This Maniac’s In Love With You [YouTube] Heart – What About Love? [YouTube] Blake Lewis – You Give Love A Bad Name [YouTube] Sisqo – Thong Song [YouTube]