UK Residents Think Three-Minute Pop Songs Are, Like, So Long, You Guys

noah | June 16, 2008 4:15 am

Last week, Sony Ericsson–in an effort to figure out just how long the snippets of songs they sell as ringtones should be, I guess–surveyed “British music fans” and found that 44% of people they talked to would only give songs a 30-second shake before hitting the “skip” button. (Women aged 18-24 were particularly rabbity, with one in five of them giving pop songs less than 20 seconds to sort themselves out.) A marketing honcho at the company is theorizing that “a quick music fix on the way to work, in between phone calls, between classes, is what we are looking for,” but Guardian guest-blogger Will Byers is taking it a step further and wondering if this means the end of the “intro” in the pop song, which makes me envision a world where every song is structured not dissimilar to the way “Crank That” is–in other words, full of terrifying, terrifying, terrifying, repetition, repetition, repetition. Talk about scenarios that make me want to scream “YAHH TRICK YAHHH!” [InTheNews / Guardian]