A Nickelodeon-Groomed Star Brings Yesterday Back Around

noah | June 18, 2008 12:00 pm

Could a Sugababes song actually get some airplay on American radio? Well, sort of. “About You Now,” which appeared on their 2007 album Change, is actually available outside of U.S. stores’ import sections thanks to some pandering to the 8-to-11 set: The track, co-written by Cathy Dennis and Dr. Luke, has been covered by tween star Miranda Cosgrove, who stars as a Webcam-wielding “online celebrity” (oh boy) on the Nick-com iCarly. “About You Now” is but one of the 29 tracks on iCarly‘s soundtrack, which also includes a “Nickelodeon mix” of the Avril Lavigne/Lil Mama version of “Girlfriend” and that dreadful Good Charlotte track about not wanting to be in love. So how does Cosgrove stand up?

First, the Sugababes’ version, which made my top songs of ’07 list:

Sugababes – About you now (EXCLUSIVE MUSIC VIDEO)Uploaded by french20. – Explore more music videos.

Next, the iCarly take, which keeps the “Stroke Of Genie-Us” beat but ups the stridency quotient (and has mixed down the guitar-picked bits surrounding the chorus, which give the song a little bit more sweetness, in my opinion):

Whichever one you prefer (unsurprisingly, I’m on the side of the ‘Babes), I think we can agree that both of the above are way, way better than Snow Patrol’s take:

Man, save that treatment for Bright Eyes songs, OK? Or “Umbrella,” since at least that has the benefit of having been covered by everyone under the sun. Sheesh.

The “About You Now” Covers Continue To Roll In… [Popjustice]