“Chinese Democracy” Creeps Ever Closer To Actually Existing (Maybe)

noah | June 18, 2008 5:20 am

In what may be the biggest sign of blogging hubris I’ve seen in a long time, the guys who run Antiquiet are claiming to have nine tracks from Guns N’ Roses’ eternally delayed Chinese Democracy, and they’re so sure of the songs’ legitimacy that they’ve decided to stream the whole shebang. (10 p.m. ET update: The songs are all gone, and most of the post–except the part where they say “if you ask me, Guns N’ Roses are fucking back, and they’ll be just fine”–has been struck out.) Six of the tracks are newer versions of songs that first surfaced back in 2007 (including “Better,” “Madagascar,” and the title track); they’re accompanied by three untitled tracks (including one that is, according to a friend, actually called “Rihad and the Bedouins”) that definitely have Axl on vocals, and also sound of a piece with the album’s other alleged material. While I puzzle over just how close to being really finished these tracks are, I implore you to check them out (while you still can, anyway), if only so you can come back and take part in our exciting “Is this really it for real this time, or is the Internet just being strung along again?” poll!

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We’ve Got Chinese Democracy… And It’s Worth The Wait [Antiquiet]