50 Cent And Taco Bell, Continued: Now With Extra Beef

noah | June 20, 2008 8:53 am

So that lighthearted, if kinda stupid, offer from Taco Bell to 50 Cent, in which the MexiMelt pushers offered to feed a restaurant and given $10,000 to charity in exchange for a 24-hour name change and a widget-inspired freestyle? Curtis has gotten wind of it, and he is is not pleased. “This is a sleazy and ill-conceived publicity stunt by Taco Bell’s president, Greg Creed, whose disingenuous offer was leaked to the press before it was even presented to 50 Cent’s agent yesterday,” one of 50’s PR reps told AllHipHop.com. Yes, how dare anyone try to garner attention from the use of your client’s name without his permission! I mean, talk about nerve!

“When my legal team is finished with them, Taco Bell is going to have a new corporate slogan: ‘We messed with the bull and got the horns,'” 50 Cent told AllHipHop.com in a statement.

While I’m all for people backlashing against things that are aggressively dopey–and reading the “offer letter” to 50 confirms that this stunt definitely falls under that rubric–I don’t know if 50 should be talking about adding lawyers to this bad-publicity burrito. First of all, I’d think they’d be somewhat busy with his other problems; secondly, if there’s anyone who right now should not be talking about things being leaked to the press against his will, it’s Curtis Jackson.

Taco Bell Offers 50 A Deal; Rapper Not Amused [AllHipHop; HT Nah Right]