Least Shocking News Of The Day: Coldplay To Debut At No. 1 Next Week

Dan Gibson | June 20, 2008 2:30 am

Most people figured that Coldplay would have the top-selling album on next week’s charts, but would Viva La Vida reach Lil Wayne’s cool million in first-week sales? Looks like the answer is no, but the 700,000-sale tally that HITS is projecting brings back brief memories of when albums had impressive sales, and a week where 200,000 copies were sold wouldn’t necessarily result in a spot in the top ten. Weezy looks to add another 300,000 to his total, while the Jonas Brothers-accented Camp Rock soundtrack is set to begin its stay on the charts at No. 3, likely selling around 200,000 in its first week. After the top three, it’s back to reality: NOW 28 is on pace to just break the six-figure mark; Usher and Piles will likely sell in the 60,000-copy range; The Offspring continue to befuddle me with their continued popularity by selling a projected 55,000 albums; Judas Priest and Katy Perry fight over Nos. 8 and 9 spots, with each on track to move about 50,000 copies; and the Rihanna screw-the-consumer reissue and Disturbed fight it out for tenth place. Only 50,000 album sales for Katy Perry, after all we had to suffer through? I’m simultaneously disappointed and pleased. [HITS Daily Double]