Snoop Dogg Swears Dr. Dre’s <i>Detox</i> Is Ready To Go

anthonyjmiccio | June 26, 2008 11:30 am

A lot of people wonder if Dr. Dre will ever stop lifting weights and giving tracks to other Aftermath artists long enough to release his much-awaited Detox, but after four years of delays, Snoop Dogg says it could drop any second. “You know me, I was starting to doubt it myself and then I went up in there and he played so much music for me it knocked my head off. I see what he got them waiting for, it’s on and poppin’. He got records, he got heat.” He also has to figure out which tracks featuring which rappers are actually worth releasing in 2008, as the game has changed many times since the release of The Chronic 2001. (Just ask The Game.)

Potential guest stars, based on previous reports.

According to Scott Storch in 2004: • Eminem (undoubtedly still the case) • 50 Cent (one would assume) • Snoop Dogg (but of course) • Knoc-Turn’Al (if Dre is so inclined) • Lloyd Banks (he and Tony Yayo will certainly be happy if they are, but they currently are unsure) • Guvner (Nah, they broke up ages ago) • The Game (maybe if your mother pulls her cameo)

Artists who have claimed to be appearing on the album: • Busta Rhymes (Signed to Aftermath, so certainly) • Jay-Z (would seem mutually beneficial) • Mary J. Blige (likewise) • RZA (ehh…) • Devin The Dude (maybe an iTunes bonus track?) • Warren G (I don’t know, are their parents alive, and liable to guilt trip if he’s not?) • The D.O.C. (Dr. Dre wouldn’t have anything to rap otherwise)

It’s not yet been announced if Dre’s going to pull in some fresher firepower than G-Unit (yes, it’s been that long), but I’m sure there are some Lils and Youngs (and Yungs) that would be happy to drop a verse on this.

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