Lil Wayne And Coldplay Take Off The Gloves

Dan Gibson | June 27, 2008 5:00 am

Weezy had his week and those Brits in the funny military thrift outfits had their chance, but next week’s chart will be the true test of what style reigns supreme: slightly insane rapping or newly avant-garde sensitive balladry. Either act could end up on top based on current projections, although Coldplay’s projections have Viva La Vida holding a 240,000-225,000 advantage over Tha Carter III. The Camp Rock soundtrack will have to constrain its youthful excitement in third place, just short of 200,000 projected sales, while debuts from Motley Crue (100,000 or so) and Three 6 Mafia (around 75k) look to place fourth and fifth. The rest of the top 10 will likely have the unsinkable NOW 28, Usher, Shinedown, Piles, Disturbed, and Rihanna sulking around the bottom, wondering what Weezy has that they don’t. [HITS Daily Double]